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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) helps small and community producers distinguish themselves and their products in the market by helping them tell their unique stories of responsible forest management through the made with heart campaign.

The made with heart campaign is a promotional in-store, online and print campaign which will run globally to raise awareness of small and community producers as well as the work carried out by FSC.

FSC is a global, not-for-profit organization created to address the rapid disappearance of the world’s forests. The FSC logo identifies which products come from responsibly-managed forests. This empowers each one of us to make a difference.

Beautiful products from the forests of families, cooperatives, small woodlot owners, and indigenous peoples.

Products made with heart

It’s a special recipe …

for the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples

of the environment and endangered species

of families and businesses,now and future

in using the best forestmanagement practices

of local communities to controland care for their resources

Buying FSC Small and Community Products

FSC certified small and community producers include families, cooperatives, small woodlot owners, and indigenous peoples. They manage forests and produce goods according to FSC’s general 10 principles that respect human rights and protect the environment … all while helping their communities prosper.

It’s a special recipe. With every purchase, you enable their ambitions and forests to grow. With every product, they contribute to a sustainable future for us all. That’s what happens when products are made with heart.

When you buy an FSC certified product you make a difference.

Community Stories

Made with Heart in Nepal

Himalayan Bio Trade Private Limited (HBTL) is a processing and trading company based in Kathmandu. Their mission is to support the creation of quality products from sustainable forest resources in Nepal, and to provide income and employment benefits to forest communities. HBTL links to international markets so that communities can sell products such as beautiful handmade paper and high quality essential oils.

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With Heart, from Honduras

The COATLAHL Cooperative is made up of 20 community producers who manage 22,000 ha of lush tropical jungle in Honduras. COATLAHL provides the marketing and sales support and creates beautiful furniture from these well-managed forests- certified by FSC since 1996. Through COATLAHL, the communities can sell timber and furniture to international customers. The wood from COATLAHL reflects the biodiversity and strength of the forests that these communities live in and depend on.

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From the Heart of Haida Gwaii

Taan Forest Company Ltd is owned by the Haida Nation, whose traditional territory is the archipelago of Haida Gwaii on Canada’s pacific coast. After a long struggle for recognition of their indigenous rights, the community is committed to managing their forests in a way that reflects their traditional world-view that people are one with the land. They sell valuable FSC certified timber for home-building and finishing.

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The Green Heart of the Amazon

The Kayapo People know what it means to fight for their land. The forests in their traditional territory still stand, while around them the Amazon is cut and cleared. Their main product is Brazil nuts, which they harvest from over 1,000,000 ha of FSC certified rainforest. They sell the nuts and oil for food and cosmetics, employing over 160 community members in the production process. Buying Brazil nuts from them helps ensure future of the community and the forests they protect.


If you are a retailer, no matter how big or small, who wants to sell FSC certified small and community products, we can help.

Made with heart is a message that you can highlight alongside the products you source responsibly from small and community producers.

It shows that as a retailer, you want to be part of the cycle of prosperity that helps communities keep their forests standing, and keeps them standing proud in their forests.

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